Sunday, June 21, 2009

Solstice garden

This post is to catch up on bits and pieces around our place. Things are really looking good, and we've gotten a lot accomplished this spring. First, the veggie garden: taters The potatoes bloomed briefly before all the rain, but they are looking pretty good as far as I can tell. double bed The big double bed is pretty full. Serrano peppers, green beans, banana peppers, and onions in the bed on the left and Supersonic tomatoes, green peppers, Healthy Kick tomatoes, and jalapenos in the bed on the right. baby serrano peppers A close up of the baby Serrano peppers. onions A closeup of the onions. cukes and squash Cukes (back) and summer squash (front). melon patch The melon patch, with watermelon in the back and muskmelon in the front. So everything is looking good so far in the veggie garden, except the carrots failed to come up. I probably got them in too late. I'll try again next year earlier. Coming back from the veggie garden through the yard, there's the most heavenly scent in the air in one particular spot: elders in bloom These flowers will be elderberries in a couple of months. Yum! Up on the hill, things are moving along as well. The orchard fence is completed, ready to protect fruit trees from deer this fall. shed and fence Hubby will be working on adding a front porch to the shed along with gutters so that we can add rain barrels between the fence and shed. We re-recycled the old back steps for convenience and safety going up and down the hill. Eventually, there will be a stone retaining wall along the length of the hill, but that's a BIG project down the road. strawberry patch The strawberries are winding down. I got about 4 quarts this year, and they are GREAT! Large, firm, and sweet. I'll be removing the newspaper mulch and replacing it with pine straw to make things easier for runners. Witch hazel Behind the strawberry patch, the witch hazel that was planted last Samhain. Looking good! Wild penta Some wild pentas (pink flowers, a little blurry) that volunteered near the strawberries. Wormwood Wormwood A couple of patches of wormwood (artemesia) that migrated from my herb bed by the back deck. comfrey? comfrey? comfrey? This giant comes up every year in the same spot, but this is the first that I've seen the artichoke-like thing at the top. I *think* it's comfrey. Now for a few bits around the herb bed by the back deck, which is scheduled to be demolished this year as one of my projects. It's mostly clover and lots of "weeds", but there are a couple of gems that will be moved into the small bed by the deck. There's also a white foxglove, which is hiding among the clover in the photo of the yellow yarrow. feverfew? I *think* this is either feverfew or boneset. I remember planting both in the bed several years ago, but this kind of took off this year. The small white flowers are quite pretty, as is the fernlike foliage. Yellow yarrow Yarrow This is yellow yarrow, planted for its use as a dye. Red yarrow This is red yarrow, a gift from my brother. Since it is the only perennial in this bed by the back steps, the yellow yarrow will go at the other end of the bed, with the feverfew planted between them. So that's the Solstice update from around our back yard. Last night was quite clear, so we spent a little time stargazing and watching the thousands of fireflies flitting around the back yard. It was like the Dance of the Faeries, apropos for a Midsummer eve.