Wednesday, May 27, 2009

2009 Garden Planted

This year's garden is in, so I thought I'd share a bit. Enjoy!

potato bags

Here are the 2 potato bags. I've completed filling them with dirt gradually as the plants matured, and they seem to be thriving so far. I'm looking forward to having some fresh banana fingerlings this fall!

peppers, green beans, onions

This bed has 2 serrano peppers (foreground), green beans (tall tower in front), 2 banana peppers (center cages), and onions (see below).


I've used pine straw for mulch ( throughout the garden. There are white geraniums and cream marigolds in each bed as well for pest control and to encourage pollinators.

peppers, tomatoes

This bed has 4 jalapeno peppers (scattered throughout; I had some trouble finding the plants anywhere), 2 Supersonic tomatoes (front cages), 2 Big Bertha green peppers (center cages), and 2 Health Kick tomatoes (rear cages).

cukes, squash, carrots

This bed has carrots (left side, seeds just planted), 2 summer squash (front cages), and 2 cukes (rear cages).

melon patch

This bed is the melon patch. There are 2 hills of muskmelon (front) and 2 of watermelon (rear). I'm going to try letting them wander this year, and possibly put up a heavy-duty trellis if that doesn't work.

That's it for the garden proper. As you can see, there is plenty of space for pots around the edges of each bed, so I may expand my herbs like cilantro into the garden in big pots.

chives, rosemary, lily

In the meantime, here's the beginning of my herb collection. On the far left is a pot of chives that are in bloom. This pot has had chives in it for over 5 years, faithfully coming back each year even when completely neglected (obviously). In the center is rosemary, a barbecue variety to use as skewers. On the right is a lily that I received as a gift for Mother's day.

Herbs will probably be planted next, so I may do another update with pics when they're finished. Most of them will go on the steps against the back of the house (as above) or in the garden. Eventually, there will be a large spot near the strawberry patch for more herbs.

Speaking of the strawberries, they are doing very well. There were 3 more plants this spring than I planted last year, so a few runners made it through. But there are green berries starting to form, so we should have fresh strawberries in 2-3 weeks. I can't wait.

In addition to the garden, there are also crops growing on the front patio. Lettuce, spinach, and a grape tomato all grow near the front door, so a salad is just a few steps away.

Dear hubby is currently setting the posts for the orchard fence, so I'll be going to get blueberries soon. The fruit trees will wait until fall to plant, which gives him time to finish the fence and gate.

So that's the official update on our garden so far. Did I mention that there are dragonflies hanging out in the garden? Apparently, they like to lay on the warm stones!

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Rainbow Tree said...

wonderful raised gardens! This is some beautiful work. You and the hubby should be proud of yourselves! (pats on the back to both of you) :-)